Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #20

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue 20 Campaign 2016 number 1

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #20

Continuing 2016 Presidential Campaign Coverage 

All The News That Is Print To Fit

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address

Trump State of the Union final

President Donald Trump’s First State of the Union Address   

      Donald Trump gives his first State of the Union address with Vice President Ted Cruz & Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

It Is Gonna Be Yuge!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Donald Trump For President 2016 Campaign Poster

Trump Campaign Poster 1000

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Hillary Clinton & Star Trek: The Wrath of Hillary

Hillary Star Trek StaticThe Wrath of Hillary Clinton

        On April 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton delivered a fundraising speech at the private residence of Colorado’s governor in Denver. The venue, a tent pitched on the lawn, was positioned close to the nearest street, which would have allowed non-guests to listen in on Clinton’s remarks. According to a reporter, Hillary’s campaign used a “static noise machine”, a speaker blasting static interference, to prevent hearing the content of Hillary’s speech.

“The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many”

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Ted Cruz Wants To Be The King

Ted Cruz King

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Rand Paul & Mitch McConnell Leave Washington D.C.

Government Shutdown Meme Mitch McConnell Rand Paul Mike Meshew

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Leave Washington D.C.

       After turning off the ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’, effectively shutting down the Government through a combination of Budget Cuts, Sequesters, Filibusters and Debt Limit maneuvers, Senators Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul are the last to leave Washington D. C. now that their work is finished.

Garbage In – Garbage Out

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Mitch McConnell & Corporate Welfare


Mitch McConnell & Corporate Welfare

      Here are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in Washington D.C. giving so much corporate welfare to their customers  constituents that pretty soon there will be nothing left for everybody.

Thanks Harry!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Mitch McConnell and FEMA

Mitch McConnell FEMA MEME Mike Meshew 2

Mitch McConnell and FEMA

     What do you do when you are dismantling our government and a natural disaster occurs which reminds people of the purpose and the good that government serves? Senator Mitch McConnell is a Photo Opportunity kind of guy so he decides to get in front of the issue by posing in the path of an oncoming tornado.

 Kids, do not attempt this at home!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


Obama & Mitch McConnell Spending Cuts


Obama & Mitch McConnell Spending Cuts

      In the Senate Sequester negotiations with President Obama, Mitch McConnell has a knack for getting the Democrats to suffer an excessive amount of pain.

Nobody told me there would be days like these. Strange days indeed!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Government Shutdown


Government Shutdown

          1) The price of pizzas served to Congress during late night negotiations to avoid a government shutdown = $673.87

         2) The cost of shutting down NASA including its Asteroid Watch program after the government shuts down = unknown.

         3) The splendor of watching Congress being obliterated by a pair of oncoming asteroids that could have been prevented if Congress had not shut down the government = Priceless!

The Takeaway: God is a big fan of irony!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Bill O’Reilly Is Baffled By His Toaster!

Bill O'Reilly is Baffled by His Toaster

Bill O’Reilly Is Baffled By His Toaster

          We heard of newsman Bill O’Reilly’s bewilderment of how the ocean and tides operate and now we hear that he is equally baffled in trying to comprehend how his toaster works. “The bread goes in and the toast goes out, how does that happen?

Bill O’Reilly Lives in the State of Confusion

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


Hillary Clinton Strangles Squirrel!

Hillary Clinton Attempts To Strangle Squirrel

Hillary Clinton Strangles Squirrel!

 This special edition of the Weekly Weird Republican News magazine brings you the shocking story of Hillary Clinton attempting to strangle a person in a squirrel outfit!

(perhaps she did not approve of the squirrel’s tone)

by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Hillary Clinton is a Dreamer

Hillary Clinton Dream President 2016 Meme Mike Meshew

You may say that I’m a dreamer . . .

           It may seem like a long time until she becomes president but Hillary Clinton understands that she must remain focused on the prize. This laser like focus can result in occasional dreams of her future success.

What a day for a daydream . . .

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)