Hillary Clinton is Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Hillary Clinton Meme Mike Meshew

      Even someone as famous as Hillary Clinton can be starstruck when she crosses paths with Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad fame. Jesse may have the “most unpicky customers in the world” but he considers his car to be his own private domicile and he will not be harassed.

      What good is being an outlaw when you have responsibilities?

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


Hillary Clinton and Game of Thrones

Hillary Clinton's Game of Thrones

Hillary Clinton and Game of Thrones

            You can feel it in the air. Just like a cool breeze, you can feel the impending Presidential Campaign of Hillary Clinton slowly beginning to encompass our country. You do not need a Farmers’ Almanac to spot the obvious clues of her Presidential Campaign. In 2013 her Super Pac “Ready For Hillary” was formed to raise money for her “nonexistent” campaign and now in 2014 we have our hero out on the road promoting her latest book “Hard Choices”. Is it a coincidence that her book tour will take her through many key primary states?   Yeah, right!   Face it folks, Hillary is coming!

Hillary is on her way to writing Presidential Her-story! That’s right, you heard me, Her-story!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)

Ted Cruz For President? #4

They Blinded Ted Cruz With Science

      With all the controversy surrounding Republicans and their lack of faith in science, Senator Ted Cruz announces his reasoning in not believing in science. Ted Cruz said that his reason for not believing in science is because scientists told him that atoms make up everything.

They blinded Ted Cruz with science!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)