Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #16

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue halloween 16

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #16

      In this second Halloween Special Edition Issue we focus our attention on our arch enemy Hillary Clinton campaigning in Iowa in the spirit of Halloween. From the look of this campaign photo, it appears that Hillary may pick Beelzebub as her running mate!

     Next up is our hero John Boehner extending his “no handouts” political philosophy to the sacred tradition of Halloween.  John Boehner tells any mistaken children who arrive at his door on Halloween, “No Candy For You”!  We also include an interview with Eric Cantor along with his special Halloween political adviser. 

     We conclude with a special sneak preview of this year’s Halloween outfit for Ted Cruz. Our Tea Party Hero was recently appointed as the head of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Space so Mr. Cruz put his knowledge of the NASA’s space program to good use in creating his Halloween outfit and including his corporate sponsors. It is interesting to note that along with corporate sponsors GE, BP, Shell and Exxon Ted also included White Castle, 7-Eleven and McDonald’s.  

For the working class, the Republican Party is more about candy corn than snicker bars

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


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