Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #10

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue 10

The Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #10

          Issue number 10 features an analysis of Mitt Romney’s recent activity and whether Mitt is fit to run again in 2016. Mitt appears to be ready to endorse himself.

         We follow with Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul’s success in shutting down the USA through too many budget cuts. They responded by proudly proclaiming, “Think of how much electricity we will save by turning off that light at the end of the tunnel”.

         We have Senator Ted Cruz’s Commemorative Stamp with his best Dr. Evil impersonation which coincidentally costs one million dollars.

         We conclude with every Republican’s greatest nightmare, the return of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. We reveal her first two “Hillary for 2016″ campaign buttons.

As the Republicans say, ” Got my mind on Hillary and Hillary on my mind”.

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


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