Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #9

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue 9

The Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #9

            Issue number 9 features our coverage of Rand Paul’s “Night of the Living Dead” movie. In this issue we reveal the participation of Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul along with House of Representative leaders John Boehner and Paul Ryan in this epic movie pic. We pose the question to each of the participants, “how do you find the time for this movie with your grueling and hectic work schedules in Washington D.C.”?

            Our continuing coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election features a critical evaluation of Mitt Romney’s campaign in comic book form titled, “Mitt Romney Campaigning in the State of Confusion”.

            Next we feature House leader John Boehner and his obsession with the word “Benghazi”. Some see it as a rallying cry for the 2016 elections while others think that it is John Boehner’s “safe word”.

 I read the news today, oh boy!

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


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