Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #7

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue 7 Meme Mike Meshew

The Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #7

          Issue #7 of The Weekly Weird Republican News features an exclusive on Texas Senator Ted Cruz and His Secret Plant to cut U.S. spending by the staggering amount of 1 million dollars!

         There is a double feature on Mitch McConnell where he states “that the only unemployment he cares about is his own” and another article where we speculate whether Mitch McConnell has been ‘touched by an angel’ based upon the photograph on the cover.

         We have another in a series of things that perplexes news anchor and author Bill O’Reilly. This time we examine the mystery of pop up tissues and Bill’s confusion with why it is that every time you pull a tissue out, another one pops out.

         In conclusion we have a special from the 2012 Presidential campaign featuring Mitt Romney’s “Mitt Squares” game show. Whether it is a presidential debate, campaign rally or TV interview, all of America tries to guess which Mitt will speak at the event and just like gambling, you have about equal odds in guessing correctly. There is so little time and too many Mitts.

All The News That Is Print To Fit

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


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