Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #6

Weekly Weird Republican News Issue 6 Meme Mike Meshew

The Weekly Weird Republican News Issue #6

        Mike Huckabee a.k.a. “Uncle Sugar” is now on the prowl in his one man fist bump Presidential Campaign proving he is America’s least useless Republican campaigner.

        Looking ahead to 2016 we examine the most speculated presidential campaign race between Marco Rubio & Hillary Clinton, who appears to be taking the potential matchup in good spirits.

        From the 2008 Presidential Debate we view John McCain’s zombie stalking of his opponent and from 2012, Mitt Romney Headroom returns to give his best zombie impersonation.

        We finish with President Obama expressing his frustration with getting the Republicans to approve his ideas. How was he to know that he would have to fight for what he believes in and exactly how does he figure out what he believes in? The problems of the modern day president . . .

“All The News That Is Print To Fit”

(by Mike Meshew / Graphic Detail)


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