Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 2

Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 1

Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 2

        In January, Senate Minority “leader” Mitch McConnell said that he would not agree to extend unemployment benefits unless President Obama agrees to end Obamacare. Have you heard of The New Deal?, this is would be The Raw Deal.

Good news everybody! Senator Mitch McConnell has a Facebook page where you can leave a message;


Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is up for reelection this year! You can help Mitch file for his own unemployment & get the Senate an additional Democratic seat by supporting Alison Grimes in November.

To Run Mitch out of town. Go to;


This Senator is only a small part of the problem. Whether you are affected by this problem directly or not, the cut off of unemployment funds has a far reaching negative influence on our economy.

Contact President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden by email to let them where you stand on this important issue;


Thank You!



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