Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 3

Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 3

Extend Unemployment Benefits Part 3

      Congress left town 2 months ago for their Christmas holiday vacation vacation without extending unemployment benefits. Congress promised to fix it when they returned but Congress has not fixed the problem while the unemployed are still trying to survive winter without benefits.

       President Obama was in Hawaii during his two week Christmas holiday vacation enjoying the tropical climate while 1.6 million people lost their unemployment benefits while facing record cold temperatures and heating bills.

I guess our President is a big fan of irony!

       We have reelected you & need much more than a speech & a photo op. Profile the unemployed to create pressure on Congress from their voters. Polls shows that 58% of Americans support the unemployment benefit extension. We would rather see you try and fail instead of doing practically nothing.

       All it takes is an email, phone call or letter to remind your President, Senator and Representative of their promises to extend these unemployment benefits upon their return to work. Contact President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to let them where you stand on  this important issue.


Thank You!



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  1. missdisplaced
    Mar 03, 2014 @ 19:03:06

    The President can do nothing if Congress does nothing. (Well he could, but then he would probably be impeached) The President does not MAKE the laws, he just signs them.

    Unfortunately, our Congress is being held hostage by Republicans who seem to think the unemployed are jobless just because they’re lazy.

    If you REALLY want to contact someone, make sure you contact EACH AND EVERY REPUBLICAN who vetoed the measure to extend the benefits.


    • hillaryclintonmeme
      Mar 03, 2014 @ 19:18:00

      I agree with your comments but the President can out out to the states whose Republican Senators are considered on the fence and profile the plight of the unemployed which will bring media attention to the problem and pressure on the Senators to vote for the unemployment benefits extension.

      Rob Portman of Ohio and Dan Coats of Indiana are two of these Senators and there are a few more. If you try this tactic and fail at least you have tried which is better than just hoping that the entire problem fades away.

      If the President and Congress does nothing this year it is projected that there will be 5 million people cut off the unemployment benefits early.

      Thank you for writing.


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