Business Wants Unemployment Benefits Extension

Business Wants Unemployment Benefits Extension

Business Wants Unemployment Benefits Extension

          It has been over 2 months since Congress and the President left town for the Christmas Holiday Season, terminating unemployment benefits for two million people without warning leaving these innocent victims facing record cold weather and high heating bills.

        These freezing unemployed citizens were promised that the situation would be fixed as soon as Congress returned following their vacation. Their President gave speeches on the subject from the tropical climate of Hawaii while most of the unemployed were facing their coldest winter in decades along with their heating bills. Where was the media outrage over this example of being out of touch?

        Congress and the President returned to work but nothing has been fixed as promised. All Obama has given us is the occasional speech and photo op. Where is the passion and drive necessary to accomplish these goals? Is it because he has already been re-elected?

        All it takes is an email, phone call or letter to remind your President, Senator and Representative of their promises to extend these unemployment benefits upon their return to work. Contact President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to let them where you stand on this important issue.

Thank You!



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