Obama Extend Unemployment Benefits

Obama Extend Unemployment Benefits

        It has been several weeks since Congress and the President left town for the Christmas Holiday Season, terminating unemployment benefits for over one million people without warning leaving these innocent victims facing record cold weather and high heating bills.

       These freezing unemployed citizens were promised that the situation would be fixed as soon as Congress returned following their vacation. Their President gave speeches on the subject from the much warmer climate of Hawaii.

       Congress and the President returned to work but nothing has been fixed as promised. Now Congress is on another one week break from Washington D.C. with no solution on the horizon. The President’s State of the Union address is next week with rumors that the unemployed will be addressed.

       Please write your Senator, Congressman and your President to let them know your position on this matter and you are paying attention to their actions and will take that into consideration when you vote later this year. Thank You!



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